Do you hate that which you don't understand? Are you given to bouts of rage when you see someone reclining in the gutter while you bust your ass to make an honest living? Have you wondered why you're punished just for being a decent, law-abiding white person? The New York Post invites you to count down the days that De Dumbio has left in office, and share stories of how society's most vulnerable people have threatened your way of life.

This "interactive" experience includes perusing the Post's coverage of the city's decline under the tagline "Rotting Apple." This mostly means the tabloid's recent coverage on how the city's homeless should be thrown out of helicopters hovering over Newark.

And then there is de Blasio's head, which pulsates like a Post reader's sciatica before the 7th inning stretch. Have you heard the one about the cops shooting Barack Obama as a chimpanzee? feels like a joke, even for the NY Post. Money well spent on a tarted-up Goatse hole for fat-necked evil.