While Wall Street occupiers are lining up to use the loo at McDonald's, the Times goes and brings us a review a $6,400 toilet that automatically opens (and plays a little jingle!) when you approach it. Meet the Numi, a remote-controlled toilet you'll need an electrician to install.

The Numi does everything you would expect to an absurdly overpriced throne to do. Beyond letting you do your business it boasts heated seats, warm air streams that will heat your toes on a cold winter night, multiple types of flushes, an FM radio and, of course, "bidet features." Also, it has no levers. So keep an eye on that iPod-sized remote (which apparently can, like all computers, still freeze).

Seriously, though, how absurd is this toilet? Well, here's the promotional video that Kohler made for it (you can see the thing actually in action here):

Suddenly we kind of understand why the family on Raising Hope two weeks ago was so very excited about their fancy toilet. Still, who wants a john whose computer can crash? Aren't clogged drains enough?