The NRA Finally Found A Place In Brooklyn For A Hush-Hush Fundraiser

Dashed Arrow Photo Courtesy of Andy Ratto/Rise and Resist

First, NRA supporters tried to hold their fundraiser at a Coney Island restaurant, Gargiulo's in March. But the restaurant owners pulled out after protests from community members and public officials.

Then, they tried to have a secret fundraiser at the Grand Prospect Hall in Windsor Terrace earlier this month. That was cancelled, too.

Last night, they were successful. About 100 people attended an NRA fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Dyker Heights. They were met by about a dozen protesters waving signs and chanting, "Shame, shame" as attendees went inside.

Last night's event was also secret—no information was posted on Brooklyn's Friends of NRA website. Organizers said they learned the fundraiser was happening only a few hours beforehand from the Brooklyn Reporter.

"For a group of people who pride themselves on how tough they are, they are cowardly. They wouldn’t just man up and tell everyone where they were," said Kevin Hertzog, 53, one of the co-organizers of Gays Against Guns. He attended the event along with representatives from the Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative, Rise and Resist, Moms Demand Action, and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

The fundraiser was originally slated to hold a raffle which included guns. It isn't clear if that raffle went forward. The Brooklyn NRA has not responded to a request for comment.

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