The Daily News has fun bit of reporting today called "Whatever happened to..." in which they track down ten front page headliners from the past year and give a brief little update on them. That sounds fun, you say, so where is the link? That, my friend, is the problem. For some reason the News doesn't think you deserve to read it online (unless, and this wouldn't be that surprising, we're just too stupid to find it).


So here's what we're going to do for you. Because it is a slow news Sunday (the big local-ish story being Judy Miller, and we'll get there, we promise) we'll just give you the rundown of the article since it really isn't enough to make paying a buck for the Sunday News worth it. And Daily News, next time, why not just put this stuff online to save us the trouble? Anywho, here goes:

1. The mud-wrestiling, breast baring soldier from February? Back in uniform.
2. The Sunday school teacher slashed outside of church in January? She moved to Massachusetts.
3. The people who died in a plane crash outside of Coney Island in May? Still dead.
4. The April Lotto winner who wouldn't share with the rest of his office pool? Still won't share, they are all going to court.
5. Most of New York's 10 Most Wanted are, surprise!, still wanted.
6. The number of people who have died from hit and runs this year was at 17 in May and is now at 31 (and after this weekend might rise to 33)
7. The New Yorker who died in the London bombings now has a fund for needy children set up in his name.
8. The Hospital that was giving out incorrect Pap smear results now claims that it's results are once again accurate.
9. The woman who went down with that helicopter in June? She's back in England and doesn't like to talk about the incident.
And 10. The cabbie who returned the suitcase full of jewels in August? He's going to be named the TLC driver of the year.

But that's just ten Daily News stories. What tabloid cover stories from the past year do you want an update on? (And in that vein, seems that Valery's maternal relatives are getting custody).