The New Yorker is a failing magazine nobody reads! And by the way, they've been very not nice to President-elect Donald Trump since he DESTROYED lying Hillary in the election because she had no enthusiasm even though the FBI was VERY nice to her! Now look at this week's New Yorker cover—I don't even know if you can buy the thing anywhere, maybe you can order it online from some 400-pound guy on his bed in New Jersey, I don't know. It's a very FAKE cover! (Barron lets me read his Highlights when he's done with them—GREAT magazine, tremendous journalism.)

And by the way, The REAL Donald Trump knows how to ride in a car! He's the best at giving directions actually—really, really tremendous. And why would he squeeze into one of these toy cars in the shopping plaza anyway? He's very busy with all sorts of important deals. VERY big stuff. This failing cartoon makes no sense! NOT FUNNY. Neither is this:

This "Barry Blitt" guy better hope his tax returns are in order.