With zoning pushing certain adult-entertainment establishments to the fringes of the city, the Daily News looks at the new crop of strip clubs opening on the West Side. west of 10th Avenue. Some worry that a new red-light district will emerge near the strip clubs; state Sen. Tom Duane says, "If a bunch of guys are in a strip club getting turned on, it's not like they're turned off the moment they walk out the door." That's true - until they realize that how much money they've blown on drinks and lapdances: Beers go for $9, there are dress codes, and clubs like the Penthouse Executive Club are actively seeking the "businessmen, the Wall Street professionals, the brokers" clientele. Larry Flynt is opening up a Hustler branded strip club, and Scores will be opening their second location later this month. And Flynt's logic is something to behold, when responding to critics his club: "They should close their eyes when they drive past."


And for all you businessmen, Wall Street professional, and brokers who maybe want to involve your girlfriends in your Penthouse Executive Club experience, the Penthouse Executive Club offers lessons in stripping. No joke. And the food at Robert's Steakhouse, also at the Penthouse Executive Club, is amazing, if you're willing to be distracted by scantily clad women.

Hell's Kitchen Online is a great West Side resource; their focus of late is the proposed Jets stadium.