The city's new scaffolding design, the Urban Umbrella, made its Manhattan street debut yesterday. But because of the wet weather we've been having it reportedly didn't quite live up to its name. According to DNAinfo at yesterday's unveiling of the prize-winning design, the Umbrella decided to take a little leak on Mayor Bloomberg.

But to be clear, the scaffolding won't normally leak. One of its designers explained that the Umbrella simply hadn't been waterproofed yet since that needs to be done in dry weather—which has been in short supply. Soon enough the small gaps in the lovely structure will be filled with silicone.

The Urban Umbrella, created by Agencie Group designers Andres Cortes, Young-Hwan Choi and Sarrah Khan, won the city's urbanSHED International Design Competition last year and is now finally hitting the streets. Nobody is required to use the new scaffolding design, but we certainly hope they will. Not only is it arguably better looking than the old model, it also has some nice safety and green touches—like built in LED lighting that is expected to last 11-years. If you want to see the scaffolding in action, just mosey on down to 100 Broadway in Lower Manhattan (or check out this photo).