After this morning's report of an underwear-clad thief stealing a truck and going on a bizarre joyride, we didn't expect any more underwear-clad stories to roll by us today. But that would have been a great oversight, because we would have missed out on Jack Singer, the fourth-grader from Warwick, NY who is anxiously waiting to see if he has broken the Guinness World Record for most pairs of underwear worn at one time.

In the video report you can see below, Singer wore 215 pairs of underwear on his birthday on June 13, eclipsing the previous record of 200 pairs. According to an interview yesterday with Straus News, Singer said, “I wanted to do something really special. So I decided I wanted to go for a Guinness world record. My parents came up with the idea of underwear and I said, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ I read about it. That was the only record I saw that didn’t have any pain. As it turned out, every record (someone’s looking to set) has pain.”

Singer practiced leading up to the day with the help of his parents; he also asked guests to donate to help wounded veteran Sgt. Eddie Ryan rather than get him presents. By the time he reached 190 pairs, his feet had fallen asleep and his legs had grown weak, so his parents laid him down and continued the odyssey. Although this feels like questionable parenting, we suppose it's still a step up from some other parents.