2006_11_hansfranz.jpgFascinating story in the NY Times about a man's gym membership being canceled after he grunted at a Planet Fitness gym. Apparently national chain Planet Fitness is trying to crack down on behavior, and grunting is a violation of club policy! While the gym's manager says she mainly revoked Albert Argibay's membership because he was being hostile, she did admit that grunting wasn't welcome.

A sportsclub trade group notes that the fastest growing segment of health club membership growth are the once-or-twice a week baby boomers, so many clubs are trying to make their facilities less intimidating. But does that mean shooing away the bodybuilders? The Times also speaks to a professor of physical therapy who says some people grunt because they are trying to stabilize their spines. Take that, Planet Fitness!

While grunting can be annoying at the gym (and we sometimes suspects there are show-grunters - people who grunt for attention), it's hardly the worst thing. What about the people who are heavily breathers - should they be reprimanded? More annoying are the people who just chit-chat and gossip or sit on a weight machine while reading a magazine and barely use it. Or the people who hog the treadmills or ellipitcal trainers. The list goes on, and grunting isn't really near the top. What are your gym pet peeves?

And Argibay's lawyer created a website called boycottplanetfitness and uploaded a WCBS 2 segment about Argibay's plight to YouTube.