The furor over the Tyco mistrial has turned into something older than the regulars Joes and Janes hating lying and thieving executives: A tabloid war. The Daily News crows that the Post is partly to blame because the Post named Juror No. 4, Ruth Barrett Jordan, last weekend. While the Wall Street Journal's website named her as well, the Post published a courtroom sketch on its cover, a drawing that captured Jordan giving the "OK" sign which Judge Michael Obus called "equivocal." The Times pointed out that others thought the "OK" sign was actually 70-something Jordan brushing back her hair, which might be possible - people do get arthritic. Anyway, it lookes like the NY D.A.'s Office gets a "rare second chance" to prosecute the Tyco jerks with a more concise case.

Forget the appeals process, 'cause mistrials are totally the new black - see Jayson Williams and Martha Stewart. And, randomly, Juror Jordan looks like she could be Al Franken's mom. Also, this Times editorial says a mistrial is ultimately a good thing, but that the media's focus on Jordan (no matter how bad her behavior) was not ideal.