In case you missed the scandalous spoiler alert in April, then today you are first hearing of the new iPhone from Apple. CNET (and everyone else on the internet) liveblogged Steve Jobs's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech earlier should you want every little detail, but here's the rundown.

  • The operating system is now called iOS 4 (instead of OS)
  • The camera will get amped up 2 megapixels (from 3 to 5) and get a 5x digital zoom and tap focus
  • You'll be able to edit your hi-def video in iMovie right there on your phone
  • There will be a front-facing camera and something called FaceTime that allows for video calling
  • They're calling the screen a "Retina Display," and claim it's the highest resolution phone screen ever
  • They're promising a better battery!
  • You'll be able to run multiple apps at the same time
  • There will be one inbox for multiple e-mail accounts

On June 21st current iPhone 3G and 3GS owners will be able to upgrad to iOS 4.0 at no charge. Pre-orders for the new phone (which Jobs called "the thinnest smartphone on the planet") start June 15th, and it will be on sale June 24th. Until then, these photos will have to satisfy you. Are you gonna be in line with this guy?