While it's not completely official (a vote needs to take place), the City Council has selected Christine Quinn, the Democratic Manhattan member who represents Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and Clinton, to be the new speaker. She secured her bid when the powerful Queens city council bloc decided to support her instead of Brooklyn member Bill deBlasio. Quinn will be the first female city council speaker, as well the first openly gay speaker, and Gothamist enjoyed news stations showing footage of her City Hall protest against the mayor's lack of work for gay rights - Quinn had a stack of waffles (or pancakes) and maple syrup, making us wonder if the secret cache of City Council maple syrup is what caused the smell. Quinn has supported workers benefits, better healthcare and gay rights, as well as being a loud opponent of the West Side Stadium. She also backed the smoking ban.

Anyhow, some members who supported deBlasio were a-okay with Quinn as speaker - John Liu said, "They are not all that different. In the end, it's like choosing between chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate fudge swirl ice cream" - while some members were very, very upset - Charles Barron told The Politicker, "This is an extension of Millerism. Alliances with the real estate industry and allegiance to Queens. Quinn will not be independent from Queens just like Miller wasn't, and to me that's disgusting."

Backroomie has deBlasio's concession.