2005_08_sathi.jpgWe must admit, Gothamist is bored with the summer weather. Hazy, hot and humid, hazy, hot and humid. C'mon Mother Nature, can't we get a little variety around here? We don't want summer to end, we just want a daylong rain or a short cold spell as a change of pace. This weekend, sigh, will be hazy, hot and humid. Today will be our 18th day this summer with temperatures above 90 and tomorrow should be especially hazy, hot and humid with the heat index exceeding one hundred.

There's a slight chance of showers each day, but the showers have been failing us lately. We haven't had more than a sprinkle since mid-July. It has rained a bit more upstate where the city reservoirs are located. Current water levels are slightly below normal, but nothing to worry about.

We may see a change next week. It is a bit too far in the future to tell, but Tropical Storm Irene is currently headed toward the East Coast and is forecast to become a minimal hurricane.

Tomorrow's high temperatures from weather.com