The Bhagavad GitaThe ex-boyfriend and suspected killer of Catherine Woods - the fresh-faced aspiring dancer from Ohio who turned to stripping to make ends meet - kept a diary where he fantasized about cutting her throat. Yoga instructor Paul Cortez, whom the police suspected shortly after Woods's murder, apparently mixed teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and his dream of trying to save Woods from a sinful life. A police source tells the Post:

"He's talking a lot about Hindi gods and people cutting off each other's heads as sacrifices," said a source familiar with the chilling diary that cops found in the home of yoga-trainer suspect Cortez, 25. "He talks about cutting her throat. It's because she won't change her ways. She won't quit her stripping, and she's living a life of sin.

"The impression is, he's freeing her from her earthly bounds that are just so distasteful to him. It implies that she would be better off dead."

...[According to another source, Cortez is] "so nuts, it's three weeks after the murder and he's still got a diary in his apartment, talking about the murder beforehand, and then talking about how bad he feels afterward — using her name."

Now, that is what the police calls "evidence." Other evidence includes Cortez's bloody fingerpaint in Woods's apartment, video footage of him standing outside her building during the time of her murder, and various police statements Cortez made. Hmm. And the Daily News reveals that Cortez called Woods's father, the director of the Ohio State marching band, to tell him that she was stripping, after she was "drugged and almost raped" at work (or, at least, Cortez thought she was). Woods's father reportedly came to NYC, but Woods convinced him Cortez was lying.

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