There's a pretty hilarious Daily News article about the troubles a building had when they found a bike rack in front of their building. At 68 West 68th Street, the bike rack appeared suddenly - and there were already a scooter and bike chained to it. The building's owner called the police, who didn't want anything to do with it, so then he called the Department of Transportation, which said to call 311. 311 gave him a complaint number, but nothing happened. Then the owner called the public advocate's office, another city complaint number, the city councilwoman's office, and then the Department of Sanitation. Then the Department of Sanitation investigated...but ended up issuing the building a ticket for not being able to clean the street/sidewalk because the building hadn't cleaned the litter than accumulated around and near the bike! And they say you should call your local bureaucracies!

Does this mean that there are more bike racks in the city?