phpHNGdIBPM.jpgThe MTA is sick and tired of your careless newspaper disposal, so they made a mock newspaper to school you in changing your ways! WNBC reports on the Subway Gazette, which outlines the hot topics underground, including how your trash can lead to subway delays.

Once on the tracks, trash can help spark track fires or clog drains along the roadbed and that can lead to flooding. Smoke conditions and flooding lead to delays in train service and, in the case of fires, they can be extremely dangerous.

Fire and smoke conditions along the track and in stations have been a leading cause of subway delays for several years, and 2007 was no different, records show. In 2007, 4,881 trains were delayed as a result of fire and/or smoke conditions. That’s up from 2006 when fire and/or smoke conditions caused 3,484 delayed trains. Compared with 2003 when these conditions delayed 2,826 trains, those delays have risen by 73 percent.

The Gazette is sort of like the Smokey the Bear of the subway system! But why is the MTA only taking such action to inform straphangers now? Well, in the last four years the amount of trash removed from the system has risen 17% (that's a whopping 15,300 tons to 17,862 tons). Even though NYC Transit recycles "about 50 percent of everything our customers throw away" (a number they're working to raise) you could do your part by tossing your Times, Post, Daily News, amNewYork or Metro (and Subway Gazette!) in the recycling bin.