Just as word comes around that 75% of the Gotham is OK with bag searches ("Even in a city touchy about civil rights, New Yorkers pick a bag search over the threat of being blown up... But most voters don't want to give government too much power.") the MTA talks up its security camera plan (again! but seriously, now this is on the fast track...).

While 76 of the city's 468 subway stations already have cameras that videotape riders (along with 200 cameras whose feeds are monitored but not recorded) the MTA is about to spend $250 million to install more cameras throughout the system. According to the Post the cameras could be programmed to sound an alert if they catch loiterers or left behind packages (but we wonder: isn't loitering in a subway station called waiting for your train?). Gothamist can't say we're really surprised that more cameras are going in, we're pretty settled into the surveilled existence and they've been talking about this for awhile. But what's your take?

Photograph by Robert Caplin for the NYT