2005_09_mtahitech2.jpgIn shocking but not that shocking MTA news, it turns out that MTA's lofty plans to spend almost $600 million on security will actually cost $130 million more. And, therefore, the MTA needs to "rethink" its amibitious plans to make subways, buses, trains and everything else they control safer. State Comptroller Alan Hevesi said a task force would be created prevent overruns in the projects; oh, Comptroller Hevesi, you optimistic thing, you. The MTA is trying to figure how projects may be reprioritized, but goes the "how were we supposed to know" route because no one has really secured a subway system like New York's before and therefore doesn't know how much it'll cost. Look, it's easy: Take the highest bid, and then mark it up by 200%. That's how much it'll cost. But, sadly, the MTA wants "accurate" estimates. Well, riders would love accurate forecasts of when trains are coming!

The MTA unveiled part of its hi-tech plans a month ago.