NYC Transit President Lawrence Reuter is apologizing for getting things mixed up:"What I'm sorry is I wasn’t clear that there is two issues. To really re-do a design and build a signal room is normally a 3-5 [year project]. The issue is to get service back out there, which is what we’re concerned about, which is going to be far shorter than that period of time, and we’re going to live without that functionality for that period of time."Puh-lease! You're the president of the most complicated subway system in the world. Peter Kalikow - get this man a course in media relations and "not being clear"! Seriously, who is this chucklehead?

Sigh, we're glad Reuter apologized and all, but with the subway fare hike coming in a few weeks, the MTA is on Gothamist's crap list just because. And also because after 1999 relay room fire, the MTA was told to at least put smoke detectors in the rooms in case of an emergency, not to mention fireproof the areas; this means at least 20% of the 200 relay rooms haven't gotten these upgrades. Ah, the MTA, our transportation slumlord. And the MTA has to use manual transmission for subways, as in trains stop, motormen tell an MTA employee stationed at the platform where they are going; then the platform employee radios to find out if the tracks are clear for the trains to pass. That's why the trains have been running late!

The above photo of Larry Reuter is from WABC, which has an index of their subway mess stories, including one about how the shopping cart that was allegedly the source of the fire might have been used by a transit worker. Oh, and that a fire could happen again. Great!