The MTA might be widely reviled this week for hiking fares in the midst of our winter of straphanger discontent, but at least they're trying to be servicey about it. Last week, the authority launched a calculator that'll tell you the magic numbers to keep your MetroCard from harboring loose change—now, it appears they've added a preset fare at the vending machines that'll net you exactly 11 rides.

I Quant NY spotted the new preset fare today, discovering that in addition to offering preset amounts for $9, $19 and $39 (plus the relevant bonsues), you can purchase a card for $27.25. With a $3 bonus, that'll get you exactly 11 rides —and that's without having to do any extra math! Which is good, because math is hard.

Today at work I tried to do math.

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This is a small victory, since I Quant NY accused the MTA of offering misleading preset fare last year. The authority said the idea behind those suggested amounts—also $9, $19, and $39—was so the machines wouldn't have to dole out a lot of change for customers paying in cash, though it's also worth noting the MTA's made millions off leftover Metrocard change over the past few years.

So, progress is good for us in the short term, if not necessarily for the MTA's budget constraints and broken rails in the L train tunnels.