It's a mirage. (Photo via s5r5h's flickr)

Just as foretold by Nostradamus, the New York City Subway Apocalypse of 2016 A.D. is upon us. Currently (7:30 p.m. on April 5th) the A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, L, N, R, and Q trains are seeing delays of some sort—some people are reporting up to 45 minute wait times. Signal problems, rail conditions, and the earlier incident on the L train tracks are chief amongst the causes. We've reached out to the MTA for clarification on these delays, which seem to be worse than normal. Until we hear back, step inside the mind of this evening's commuter, call your parents and tell them you love them, and send us photos of the soul-crushing scene if you should be in the midst of it.

UPDATE: Lin-Manuel Miranda's wife is stuck on an A train and the MTA's Hamilton tickets are no longer valid.

UPDATE II: The photos are coming in...

This one's from Kelly Donahue, taken at the Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center station at 7:40 p.m.


If you found this commute frustrating, tell your state representatives and Governor Cuomo to stop robbing the MTA of badly needed funding and figure out a way to come up with more cash for a 21st Century transit system.