2007_02_moynihanstat.jpgAfter Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver blocked Governor Pataki's Moynihan Station plans last October, we wondered how Governor Spitzer would take up the task and spar with Silver. To refresh your memory, Spitzer's problem with Pataki's Moynihan Station plans was that they were incomplete, given that developers had more extensive ideas about a Farley Post Office and Madison Square Garden revitalization (known as "plan B"); Pataki, on the other hand, wanted to get the plan A moving to take advantage of federal funds.

Today, the Observer has an extensive story about how Spitzer aide Patrick Foye is handling the project, meeting with developers the day after the election to get things moving. Reporter Matthew Schuerman gets a bitter beans comment from Pataki flunky Charles Gargano about the developers' plan B ("I thought they got a little too cute"). But even better is how Maura Moynihan describes Foye:

“He was very nuts-and-bolts. He laid out this and this and this—all the things that needed to get done to make this thing happen,” said Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late Senator after whom the renovated Farley Post Office will be named. (She told The Observer the story about the post-Election Day meeting.) “He is this wonderful Irish gentleman from Long Island who must suffer the indignities of the pit on a daily basis coming in on the Long Island Rail Road. Everybody is stunned and amazed by the energy that the Spitzer team is bringing to this project.”

A scoop and a dis about Penn Station! But it's true, Penn Station sucks, though the new NJ Transit facilities are somewhat better.

Wikipedia's Future of Penn Station entry, because the whole affair is very confusing.