The MTA has revealed that a turnstile at Columbus Circle subway station is the most frequently used one in the whole city this year, and just reading about it makes us want to lather the Purell all over ourselves. Exactly 1,402,766 people have swiped their MetroCards and pushed their lumpy bodies through the turnstile as of Aug. 19. Of course, that doesn't count all the people who either duck under or jump over turnstiles, but there's just something extra compelling about this particular one, according to commuter Latavia Gale: "I don't know what it is. It's weird. It's unexplainable. Even if someone's in front of you and their MetroCard's not working, you just queue up and wait."

The Columbus Circle turnstile is first in a row that straphangers encounter after descending from the Shops at Columbus Circle. The second and third most used turnstiles (more than 4,000 behind Columbus Circle one) are two side-by-side ones at the Jamaica Center subway station, followed by one at Times Square and two at Grand Central Station. No word on which turnstile won the coveted "Doesn't Properly Swipe Despite Repeated, Audible Cursing" award.