Dog walker makes 50 grand; Photo: NY Daily News

The Daily News decides to look at the salaries of various New Yorkers, both ordinary and unusual, to give a sense of what the people you see every day are making. The DN starts it off by trying to make you feel good, reminding everyone that Mayor Bloomberg and some others all make $1 a year, although they neglect to mention earnings from their other businesses or trust funds. The average New Yorker made $46,920 in 2002, which is higher than the country's average salary of $35,560 and means that Sammy Swale, dog walker, is above average for a New Yorker with his $50,000 for the year. Take a look at some of the salaries, which are interesting (a cabbie makes about $28,000 while a bus driver makes $49,000; CUNY chancellor Matthew Goldestein makes $350,000, a top public school principal makes about $115,000).

Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, "The Producers," $100,000 a week each
Hugh Jackman, "The Boy From Oz," $50,000 a week
Costume attendant, $42,810 a year
Theatrical makeup artist, $32,120 a year
Usher, $23,990 a year
Acrobats for upcoming Tom Stoppard play "Jumpers," $1,354 a week
Rockette, $1,400-$1,500 a week

Joel Klein, schools chancellor and highest-paid city employee, $217,1233
Andrea Jung, Avon president and highest-ranking female CEO on Crain's Fortunate 100 list (there are 41 men listed above her), $9.87 million ($2.68 million just in salary).
Katie Couric, richest early-morning diva, $13 million
Diane Sawyer, nearly-as-rich early-morning diva, $10 million
Bonnie Fuller, editorial director, American Media and New York's highest-paid celebrity-watcher, $1.5 million (plus bonuses)
Bill O'Reilly, Fox's highest-profile political spinner, $4 million
Rudy Giuliani, spins mayoral experience into public-speaking gold, $10 million
David Letterman, presides over late-night irony-fest, $33 million
Howard Stern, presides over early-morning screech-fest, $31 million
Alain Ducasse, presides over all-day food fest, $5.5 million
Jennifer Lopez, richest girl from the Bronx, $29 million
Gisele Bundchen, richest girl from Brazil, $12.8 million
The Olsen twins, richest incoming NYU freshmen, $18 million

Stephon Marbury, newest Knicks point guard, $13.5 million
Lenny Wilkens, cheeriest Knicks coach, $5 million
James Dolan, grouchiest Knicks owner (and Cablevision CEO, $6.95 million ($1.6 million just in salary)
Art Howe, Mets manager, $9.4 million over four years
Derek Jeter, Yankee shortstop, $21 million
Jason Giambi, Yankee first baseman, $17 million
Andy Pettitte, former Yankee, new Astro, $31.5 million, three years
Roger Clemens, former Yankee, newest Astro, $5 million, one year

Sammy Swale, dog-walker, $50,000
Doorman, $35,288 (plus holiday tips)
Funeral attendant, $19,290
Manicurist, $16,480
Cabbie, $27,670
Eugene R. McGrath, ConEd president, $6.9 million ($2.4 million in salary and bonus)
Utility meter-reader, $29,240
Lance Armstrong, Tour de France salary from U.S. Postal Service, $4 million
U.S. Postal Service letter carrier, $45,095

New York City police officer, after six years, $57,793
Public-school teacher, rookie, $39,000
School head nurse, $53,195
Guidance counselor, starting, $43,845
NYC bus driver, $49,046
NYC subway conductor, $45,510
FDNY, rookie dispatcher, $27,865
NYC caseworker, entry level, $29,895
Public-school principal, top level, $115,831

Bill Clinton, ex-President, author, speaker, $9 million
Hillary Rodham Clinton, senator, former First Lady, author, $1.35 million
Chelsea Clinton, McKinsey & Co. rookie consultant, $120,000
Winner, Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," $250,000
James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), $800,000 per episode of "The Sopranos"
"Queer Eye" guys, $8,000 each per episode

Butcher, $33,920
Baker, $26,480
Cabinetmaker, $34,290
Doctor: Mehmet C. Oz, Columbia Presbyterian professor of surgery and host of Discovery Channel's "Second Opinion," $2.1 million
Lawyer: starting associate, Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, $140,000
Indian chef: rookie cook, Sapphire Indian Restaurant, Manhattan, $16,640

Matthew Goldstein, CUNY chancellor, $350,000
Robert Kerrey, New School University president, $340,500 (plus perks)
Norman Lamm, Yeshiva University chancellor, $344,400 (plus perks)
Mike Jarvis, recently deposed St. John's basketball coach, $1.2 million
Rev. Donald Harrington, St. John's president, $0
Joyce Brown, Fashion Institute of Technology president, $151,000
Richard Guarasci, Wagner College president, $162,500 (plus perks)

O. Wayne Isom, chairman, cardiothoracic surgery, Cornell University, David Letterman's heart surgeon, $1.48 million (with perks)
Harold Varmus, president, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, $1.4 million
Andrew Passeri, president, Staten Island University Hospital, $897,342
Miguel Fuentes, president, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, $485,274
EMT/paramedic, $35,370
Registered nurse, $63,810
Medical lab technician, $37,300
Home health aide, $18,360

Ellen Futter, president, American Museum of Natural History, $623,098
Vartan Gregorian, president, Carnegie Corp. of New York, $572,500 (plus perks)
Philippe de Montebello, Metropolitan Museum of Art director, $518,151 (plus $253,000 in expenses)
Glenn Lowry, MoMA president, $500,595
Paul LeClerc, New York Public Library president, $334,946
Gary Knell, Sesame Workshop of New York president, $617,849
Peter Martins, ballet master in chief, New York City Ballet, $579,000
Karen Brooks Hopkins, Brooklyn Academy of Music president, $210,800
Alan Friedman, director, New York Hall of Science, $210,000
Judith Zuk, New York Botanic Gardens president, $190,363

Sumner Redstone, Viacom president, $39.3 million ($20 million of it salary)
Tommy Hilfiger, honorary chairman, Tommy Hilfiger, $22.4 million
Jay Margolis, Reebok International, $7 million
Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Productions, $3.2 million
Ralph Lauren, Polo, $4.5 million
Richard Parsons, AOL Time Warner president, $5.2 million ($1 million just in salary)
Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and No. 99 on Crain's Fortunate 100 list, $3.4 million ($1.5 million in salary)

All salaries are from The Daily News, February 1, 2004.