2005_12_transtrikemosaiclog.jpgSure, we're a city of complainers, but Gothamist wants to see how our readers can top each other by telling us about their commutes to work today. We want to hear about carrying a baby, a sack of potatoes, and scooping dog poop as you make it to your 9AM meeting. Or how you had to rent three mannequins from a local store in order to get your car in. Or how you paid $100 for a $5 LIRR ticket or else your boss would have had your ass. Or how you had to bypass a phalanx of camera crews at the Brooklyn Bridge. Tell us in the comments!

And the prize is...a monthly Metrocard! Retail value $76, should the subways and buses go back to working, you can use it as many times during a month as you want! Gothamist is nothing if not secretly optimistic.