Well, it's unclear whether or not it's the most haunted house of Queens, but 141-36 222nd Street seems that way. The NY Times has a big feature about the Victorian home that has fallen into disrepair, puzzling and captivating neighbors. There are a bunch of theories about who owns the house, and questions about whether or not someone is living there (maybe, though there's no electricity - but there is a bunker...maybe). The Times tried to do some investigating, contacting the Adult Protective Services (a caseworker couldn't get in), Department of Buildings, Department of Finance (the taxes are paid in cash!), to no resolution, though someone with the same name as the remaining son of the last seen owners works for the NYC Transit Authority. The house's mystique makes us think of Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird, what with stories of infirm parents, an unseen son who doesn't want any part of the public eye.

This also reminds us of Corie and Alex's Officer's Row project in Brooklyn and Forgotten NY's neighborhood visits.