This morning Rep. Anthony Weiner met former New York Lieutenant Governor (and current insane person) Betsy McCaughey on MSNBC's Morning Meeting to debate yell about health care. Though Weiner and McCuaghey had their moments, most of the horn-locking happened between her and host Dylan Ratigan, who would not stop demanding she answer his question: How do you get insurance companies to compete instead of monopolizing markets with antitrust exemptions. Or, as Ratigan puts it, how do we "put an end to corporate communism?" Skip ahead to the four minute mark, when the fireworks get started.

Alternatively, break out the bongos and read the highlights out loud as beat poetry, or maybe a transcript of children bickering:

Weiner: You want to scare seniors because that's your business!

McCuaghey: You're not a very fair moderator, you know!
Ratigan: You're not a very fair answerer!

McCuaghey: Anthony, you are ignorant about health insurance!
Weiner: Name-calling is your thing!
McCuaghey: No, you're the one whose the name-caller!

McCuaghey: This will go down in history as one of the most brow-beating interviews in television history!
Ratigan: I hope that it does and maybe you'll learn at that point to answer questions!
McCuaghey: Let me finish!
Ratigan: Answer my question!

According to Politico, after the interview, McCuaghey supposedly said to Ratigan, "You are a disgrace to journalism," to which Ratigan replied, "You were a great guest, except that we usually want answers to our questions." The interview came a day after Weiner and McCaughey clashed during a debate at NYU Medical Center.

And there was also a typically shrill town hall meeting on health care reform in Staten Island last night, where the raucous crowd of 800 shouted down NAACP president Ed Josey when he made radical comments like, "Everyone deserves health care." Rep. Michael McMahon also declared, "I will not be threatened or scared by anyone," which sounds like the kind of thing you say when someone's scaring you, but can you blame him? The torches are lit and the pitchforks are sharpened, y'all!