warhol-dollar-sign.jpgGothamist doesn't know it's a question of better sources or later story deadlines, but the Post and Daily News both cover the story of $20,000 found in a FedEx box outside a diner to different ends. Yes, the NYPD bomb squad was called in and part of East 46th Street was shut down as the squad discovered the box just contained bank dye packs and money. The Daily News boasts how diner manager Sam Devasthali turned the bounty into the police instead of taking the money for himself. But the Post's story has one important fact: The money was actually fake.

Gothamist hears that if you find money and decide to turn it into the police, you fill out a form and you can collect it after two or three years if no one else has claimed it. You know, it happens - drug dealers forget where they stashed their money.