As we've said before, it can be hard to figure out how to write about the conflict in the Middle East when writing a 'blog about New York'. But then a photograph like this one comes our way.

Here's the story behind the chalking, from the Beirut Update, a blog kept by a 30-year-old woman named Zena living in Beirut:

so, i have not been able to draw or paint since the attacks started, but a dear friend and wonderful artist, Emily Jacir, saw to it that somehow, art could be made out of all of this.

Emily who is currently in NYC asked some of her students to make street art/ community activism art out of some of her emails, she printed out for them, from the last two weeks. she asked them to "go out into the streets and do something in the public sphere based on their interaction, (or reaction) or whatever with the emails." a few students got some of my emails..and have been able to make the art i haven't been able to make.

Anybody seen any other artistic responses to recent events around the city?

Photograph by Irena Kittenclaw via Contribute.