2008_11_beltranwright.jpgAs baseball fans wait for the free agency period to begin (November 14th) baseball starts handing out postseason awards. First up, the gold gloves which were announced for the NL yesterday and appear to have been announced early for the AL today.

All in all, three New York players won a Gold Glove and statheads everywhere will be relieved to hear that Derek Jeter wasn’t one of them. David Wright took his second-consecutive award for third base while Carlos Beltran won his third-straight in the outfield. On the AL side, Mike Mussina added his 7th Gold Glove to his first 20-win season. Now the question is will Mussina retire or comeback for another season?

The GM meetings wrap up today and despite plenty of rumors, it doesn’t sound as if anything substantial will come out of them.

Photo of Carlos Beltran and David Wright by AP/David Kohl