2005_10_watches.jpgA very colorful watches and warnings map this morning. Flash flood warnings in maroon central New Jersey, Northern New Jersey gets flood warnings in bright green, lilac gale warnings out to sea, brown wind advisories on Long Island, and on and on… What does the city get? A green urban flood advisory, "… minor flooding of urban areas…highways…streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots." A look at the Weather Service's digital forecast shows that up to a couple of inches of rain is expected through tomorrow morning, with heaviest amounts during the day today. Breezy, too, umbrellas will be of little use.

This morning's Weather Service forecast discussion also shows how busy the local forecast office is today. The cold front that stalled over the western Atlantic on Sunday hasn't moved much since then. The difference between yesterday and today is that the remnants of tropical depression 22, not strong enough to get a real name, are overriding the cold front, causing the moisture in that tropical air to be dumped upon us in buckets. So far we're just seeing the moisture way ahead of ex-tropical depression 22, which is still over Bermuda. The actual storm is headed our way and may bring us more rain on Friday and Saturday if ex-tropical depression 22 gets close enough. Not much happening in the way of temperatures, though it may get slightly warmer as we get more tropical air. Drier air may try to sneak in here on Sunday or early next week.