Gansevoort and Little West 12th; Photo - Jake Dobkin

Delta's discount air carrier Song is now the official sponsor of the Meatpacking District. According to the Daily News, via an AdAge scoop, the sponsorship will be tasteful - Song's logo will only be on maps that are distributed from stores and hotels in the area. Song is also sponsoring an AIDS benefit and Meatpacking bartenders will compete in a cocktail contest to make a Song cocktail. David Rabin, an owner of Lotus, is thrilled and NYU planning and urban policy professor Mitchell Moss says, "Song Airlines has figured out a way to get the benefits of being linked to the hottest neighborhood in the hottest city in the world." As we keep our guffaws down, our only hope is that Song will bottle the winning cocktail to serve to the travelers who have to listen to children scream for the entire flight, the way we did on our last Song flight.

Song clearly wants to be a popular kid: Kate Spade is designing the uniforms for Song.