Last night, Gothamist threw our mail on the table and ignored it while we made some Very Important Calls (to discuss the impending panda pregnancy - twins! - in San Diego, the newborn panda in DC, and tiger cubs nursing on sows). And the next thing we realized was that we had been staring at Mayor Bloomberg's face for five minutes - AUGH! It was his reelection flyer, and let's talk about a Photoshop flyer controversy: His picture on the cover is totally Photoshoppped - no wrinkles, very waxy faced, very non-Bloomberg. The four main points of his flyer were his strides with the crime (it's down!), economy (it's up, and there was that property tax rebate!), education (test scores are up!) and quality of life (noise ban!), and there were very few instances of minorities in the photographs as far as we could tell. Gothamist doubts this will be only time Mayor Bloomberg sends out some collateral, but we'll make sure that next time we'll put a Pottery Barn catalog over it. Also: The Mayor discussed space travel and ate kosher pizza after getting an endorsement from Assemblyman Dov Hikind; the Politicker explains that the Mayor probably wanted to seal support from Orthodox Jews who wondered if the Mayor is a self-loathing Jew.

Did you get a flyer? What did you think?