2005_10_31_podium.jpg With tomorrow's mayoral debate approaching (9 A.M.! or 10 if you prefer to think in daylight savings time) Ferrer and Bloomberg each take up a lot of space in today's papers. And considering all the other news going on that's pretty impressive. And what are the big stories? Well the elephant in the room is how much money Bloomie is spending. Despite his apparently large lead the Mayor is still pouring cash into his multilingual ad blitz. What kind of money are we talking about? We're talking about Bloomberg spending $63 million versus Ferrer's $7 million. The money issue, which was the Times' main caveat in their endorsement last week, also makes it back into the grey lady who wonders if it's all overkill now (to which our anecdotal evidence from the democrats we know who were voting for Mike says: yes, yes it is).

Beyond cash money, Ferrer got in a bit of a tiff with Al Sharpton yesterday when he implied he would stop the Atlantic Yards development. When Sharpton heard this he, nominally a Ferrer supporter, put out a press release saying, among other things, that Freddy "needs to realize that failure to get projects like this done would be a terrible loss for communities off color throughout this city." As further punishment Sharpton then skipped a campaign event. Which is why, it would seem, you don't mess with Sharpton. Or Ratner's baby.

Finally, the Times gives you a fashion piece on the candidates socks. Seriously.