2006_06_mayorbgun.jpgYesterday, Mayor Bloomberg continued to strengthen his strict stance against guns and announced new legislation:

The legislation includes: the Gun Offender Registration Act for individuals convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; a one handgun every-three-month purchase limit; an Inventory bill, which would require city gun dealers to physically examine their inventories twice a year; and a ban on gun coloration kits used to disguise real guns in 'toy-like' colors.

The Gun Offender Registration would require people to register with the NYPD and check in periodically, like the a sex offender. The Mayor even tshowed off painted red and yellow guns, asking the press to identify which gun was real and which was fake. His office even bought cans of paint to dye guns off the Internet from Lauer Custom Weaponry but the company points out to the NY Post, "The mayor is confused as to the purpose of these firearm paints. He's mistaking safety colors and thinking they're unsafe. For example, the wild yellow color is used quite extensively by search and rescue teams, so that when they drop their firearm they can easily find it. And police departments often use a bright blue color to indicate that a firearm is a training firearm."

This comes as 37 more mayors joined Mayor Bloomberg and other mayors' efforts against illegal guns; the mayors come from cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and St. Louis. The goal is to have 100 mayors signed on by year's end.