With all the fuss over his daughter's alleged shoplifting spree earlier this month, Rudy Giuliani has been unusually subdued about the proposed Ground Zero mosque and community center site, giving a lukewarm interview with "The Today Show." Is Rudy losing his zazz, his uncanny ability to turn every conversation into a symposium on 9/11 and himself?

Apparently not! After throwing out the first pitch at a Cyclone's home game last week, Giuliani was asked a straightforward question about which team he would be rooting for in the game, the Cyclones or their rivals the Staten Island Yankees, reports Brooklyn Paper. And he responded: “I remember I came here the Friday before 9-11...There was a beautiful view of the World Trade Center — there was a nice view of the towers from Staten Island’s ballpark, too.” Giuliani reminisced "a little more" about the sight of the buildings (as Brooklyn Paper puts it, "whose destruction made him a national star"), before coming back to the original question, and still not answering it. Here's a little song for you Rudy, Mayor of 9/11 Town FOR LIFE.