14th Street, looking West

Let's take a moment to remember H. Daniel Carpenter the "mayor and governor" of Chelsea, instrumental in the neighborhood's rebirth as director of the Hudson Guild, who died on February 7 at 95. After taking a job at the Hudson Guild in 1931, Carpenter lived in Chelsea for 71 years, and later moved to Tucson. His death covered earlier by the Villager and mentioned today in the Times. Back in the day, Chelsea was a much smaller community, where people could approach Carpenter and the Hudson Guild for a job or housing or help. He also helped run a New Jersey farm where Chelsea residents would summer.

The Hudson Guild's mission: "To create and sustain a strong, effective community that acknowledges and responds to the potential, achievements and interdependence of its diverse members. Rooted in and primarily focused on the Chelsea neighborhood, we seek to empower all individuals and families to achieve their highest potential, while maintaining a priority focus on those in economic need."

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