Two weeks into June means the wedding season is in full swing, and this past weekend, Mayor Bloomberg's eldest daughter, Emma Bloomberg, married her Princeton sweetheart, Chris Frissora. Emma Bloomberg has been active in her father's election campaign and other city projects, working as an unpaid aide; we imagine she'll be working on his reelection campaign as well. The details about her wedding at her mother's North Salem estate Saturday: Her dress was a Zac Posen dress of lavender, sage and aquamarine lace" - perfect for the casual affair she wanted (that's little sis Georgina on the left of Mayor B, in a bridesmaid outfit of a tanktop and skirt); food was by Daniel Boulud (short ribs, tapas, mashed potatoes) and Nobu (sushi, natch); reggae music by the Easy Star All Stars. The Mayor married the couple on Friday night at Gracie Mansion, because he only has the power to marry people in New York City. And while Gracie Mansion ain't fit for Bloomberg to live it, it's where the rehearsal dinner was held, with ribs from Blue Smoke.

Gawker puts the newlyweds through the Bobos in Paradise filter by looking at their NY Times wedding announcement. And the couple probably didn't realize it, but many people think this year isn't good for the marrying. Okay, many Chinese think that. And, well, maybe some very extreme ones are the over-superstitious ones, as it seems many Chinese-American New Yorkers to throwing caution to the wind and getting hitched this year, joining the legions of other getting married, explaining why it feels like Gothamist is attending a record number of weddings this year.