Would you pay millions of dollars to live nearly a mile away from any subway stop? Well, you certainly can—an $18.9M penthouse apartment located on the Upper East Side is up for sale, and it's located the farthest distance from subterranean transport of any address in Manhattan. Of course, if you can afford to drop upwards of $18 million on anything, you likely transport yourself from place to place via hovercraft or something so as not to rub shoulders with these folks. (Take us with you!)

I Quant NY crunched some data to find the exact distances between the borough's residential buildings and their nearest subway station entrances. The winner was 10 Gracie Square, one of the city's "most exclusive" addresses located on East 84th Street by the FDR Drive. Though 10 Gracie Square is a mere stroll from the de Blasio family's new West Elm-upholstered home, I Quant NY estimates the building's a whopping 0.8 mile walk to the train, provided you are not leaping over buildings a la Spiderman. Note that if you live outside Manhattan, 0.8 miles is not an unheard of distance from the subway, but long walks are much more of a struggle on the snow-besieged UES.

And though proximity to the subway is often a primary asset during an apartment search, this is not necessarily true for the Very Rich—10 Gracie Square's penthouse apartment is on the market for $18.9 million. Then again, Curbed reports it was listed for $23M and change just last year before getting knocked down a financial peg, so maybe five beds, five baths, a library and wraparound terraces aren't worth much while facing a long, windy walk to the 4 train when your Batmobile's in the shop.