The Mandarin Oriental at the Columbus Circle

The Mandarin–Oriental New York at the Time Warner Center opened yesterday with great fanfare. Mayor Bloomberg was there and took the time to comment on the G.O.P.'s strange idea of staying in a cruise ship instead of NYC hotels: "I think people would be well advised to stay in one of the great hotels that New York City has. They (the hotels) are mostly walkable to the convention and you have a chance to experience what makes New York City great. Being isolated from what makes New York City great takes away the reason for the convention coming here."

A feng shui master was also present to make sure the hotel would have peace, harmony, and prosperity (the AP reports Pun Yin used incense, apples and two bronze lions, requisite items at most any feng shui ceremony). Good luck with that, considering they are across the street from The Donald's hotel.

The Mandarin–Oriental and Time Warner Center are home to many new restaurants.