Does the Landmarks Preservation Commission have a brownstone bias? Earlier this year the group revealed that they would be focusing their efforts on Park Slope while delaying landmark status designations in Ditmas Park and Beverly Square West. One Ditmas resident says, "The [LPC] has limited resources, but it shouldn't be to the exclusion of the Victorian neighborhoods. If it's worthy, they should fund it and do it."

Borough head honcho Marty Markowitz agrees! He told the LPC in a letter, "It is not appropriate public policy to place [Victorian Flatbush] on hold while purely Brownstone Brooklyn is pursued. There must be an equitable balance." But the group says they don't play favorites, and the decision was made because many of the Victorian neighborhood buildings have already been too altered. Plus, the Park Slope set says they need "another layer of protection against new development."

The LPC has been called out for playing favorites before... like, maybe if Jack Kerouac's former home wasn't in Queens it would be landmarked already?