With Craigslist becoming ever-increasingly creepy, this smitten young man has gone and purchased his own URL to find the girl he ogled on the subway last night. NYGirlOfMyDreams.com has a simple mission, it's "skinny, tall, not insane" creator would like to meet the the "fancy-braided, rosy-cheeked, journal writing" girl he saw on the the 5 train at 9:30pm last night. And if it doesn't work out, we're sure he has that URL for at least a year, and we expect to see a rotating cast of illustrated girls he's fallen for underground.

Can't wait to see this play out on the big screen, we're thinking John Krasinski and Natalie Portman or Ryan Gosling and Zooey Deschanel as the leads.

Update: According to this lad's Flickr account, he was at the Apes & Androids show on Halloween...so he can't be all that bad.