2005_07_subarutribeca.jpgGothamist wonders if Subaru is giving Manhattan a bad name by naming its new SUV the Tribeca. As Jalopnik wondered if we really needed another SUV around, we worry what's next: The Williamsburg, a sporty, slightly beat-up but cool ride? The Park Slope, the stroller friendly station wagon? The LIC, a big van for transporting canvases or music equipment? Snark Hunting has a funny post about car naming, as there is a Montauk out there, pointing out that Subaru's addition of "B9" to the name (the B9 Tribeca) just tumors it by taking a "potentially great name and sillied it down."

USA Today says the Tribeca is subtly alluring. And Businessweek claims "the Tribeca, named for the trendy New York neighborhood, also fits right in with the snazzy Acuras and Volvos you might see parked on the streets of lower Manhattan." Snazzy Acuras? Please, all we see in Tribeca are Mercedes SUVs, san trucks (we love you, Department of Sanitation), and construction vans. And does anyone else remember how the Denali (we think it was the Denali) was scoffed because Denali actually smells?