City planners, community groups and real estate brokers alike enjoy throwing around new names for neighborhoods—think Greenwich South, Tribeca North, Clinton, BoCoCa. And now, there is "The Linc," the area near the Lincoln Tunnel. Hey, shouldn't that be Hell's Kitchen Clinton South?

The Daily News notices the new condos being developed in the area, but also looks at the reality: "For now, it still has an old New York feel as eccentric locals and a spillover of tourists and colorful panhandlers from the Port Authority Bus Terminal crowd the gritty streets — recently joined by young preprofessionals paying more than $2,500 a month to live in studio apartments in the new crop of luxury rentals. Bars, some new and expensive, others decades old and mangy, are everywhere." Also, it's "not a place for families, yet... In fact, we saw more street characters than baby carriages. One of them, Daddy Wheelchair, rolls around (he really is in a wheelchair) the corner of 37th St. and Ninth Ave. begging for money to support a drug habit he doesn’t hide."

A tag sale vendor said, " Six years ago, this neighborhood was full of crackheads. It’s nice we can do this," but one resident was downbeat on the creeping gentrification, “It saddens me that it is such a struggle to keep alive the New York that made us creative, committed adults. To take away the character of a neighborhood is criminal.”