Hybrid car owners driving on the Long Island Expressway got a nice gift from the Pataki administration yesterday. Starting on March 1, "hybrid-power cars will be allowed to use high-occupancy-vehicle lanes" on the LIE.

The incentive isn't anything new nationally, but it is new to New York. And interestingly it only apply to the "highest-mileage hybrids" (that's hybrids with a minimum of 45 miles per gallon in highway driving). And since the LIE is the only highway in New York with H.O.V. lanes it makes sense that it would be implemented there.

Every time we hear about HOV lanes we think of that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry picks up a prostitute so he can drive in the HOV lane to get to a baseball game. Maybe we should learn how to drive?

Photograph by Quarlo.