While the police closed the case on the Staten Island Ninja Burglar last year, some Shaolin residents are still on their toes about the shadowy thief who terrorized many homeowners by stealing their belongings and wearing all black. Now, the Staten Island Advance reports that a couple in the Emerson Hill section came face-to-face with a figure trying to rob their mansion Homeowner Russ Irarey said, "He was a ninja in a black suit, only his eyes were showing."

Monday night, Russ and Delores Irarey's Yorkshire terrier was growling, so they went to see what what bothering him. According to the couple, "they came face to face with a black-suited crook... who escaped from their mansion by leaping from a second-story balcony. Delores Irarey said, "He comes out and looks at us, he stares us in the face, and just jumped. I have never seen anybody so brazen in my life," and Russ Irarey added, "He got to that railing and just made a jump like you wouldn't believe."

Then, after clearing the banister, "the thief darted through the kitchen and out a sliding door -- even taking care to close it behind him, Mrs. Irarey said." The couple praised their dog, Snickers, for giving them the heads-up ("He's a hero"). The police had previously said the robberies, which spanned from 2007 to 2008, were related to Albanian criminals, one of whom had been deported. Many of the burglaries were committed after the thief (or thieves) found an open door or window; in the case of the Irareys, a second-floor window was open.

Still, the legend of the Ninja Burgler became irresistible after a burglar, dressed as a ninja (according to the homeowner), robbed a home and escaped even though the homeowner stabbed him. Later on, another homeowner being robbed by a similar/the same burglar yelled to her family "The Ninja is here! The Ninja! The Ninja!" Maybe the folks at Ninjatown have a solution.