All Gothamist has to say about the Jets suing Cablevision for being a monopoly is that it took them long enough. With all the blah public relations blah MTA auction blah battle, we figured it would just be a matter of time until they decided to direct their money into various law firms. Now, while Gothamist waits for these two billionaire backed organizations to waste some money in money-siphoning ventures like, says, weblogs, we would like a special edition of Monopoly to have special tracts of land that the MTA owns up for grabs, and the player figures be a football helmet, basketball hoop, and a gas company thingy, and then instead of building apartments and hotels, players will build stadiums and restaurants and raze neighborhoods.

The Jets' website explaining the lawsuit, Jets Fight Back is funny; there are attorney bios and everything. And Gothamist on the West Side Stadium.