Tonight will be different at Madison Square Garden because for the first time in years, the Knicks will do something and not be booed. While all signs point to the Knicks sticking with the #6 pick, you can be sure that could change because the top of the draft is very fluid. For weeks it has all been about Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley going 1-2, but with Chicago reportedly picking Rose, the Heat are considering a trade or picking OJ Mayo. If they pick Mayo, you can bet the Knicks will try and get to #3 to get Beasley.

Assuming that doesn’t happen, who they pick is still hard to guess. ESPN reports they are looking at five players, but doesn’t name them. Danilo Gallinari, Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon are all good guesses and OJ Mayo, though he probably won’t be available. The Nets on the other hand will probably hope to see Gallinari or Brook Lopez fall into their laps, short of that, maybe they take a shot on Anthony Randolph.

Expect plenty of wrong predictions until the picks are actually made. The draft starts at 7pm tonight and will be televised by ESPN.