When the Jane Hotel first entered the neighborhood, Community Board members say they were enthusiastic about the ballroom, having "visions of people reading from their new works in an elegant salon." While the March sisters may have found parlor readings of contemporary literature a satiating social experience, the Olsen twins represent the Jane's real clientele, and we're guessing they don't read much Murakami whilst making their late night rounds.

As such, the Jane was infiltrated by a multi-agency task force earlier this month (following an epic NIMBY crusade) and has shut down their ballroom; telling us at the time that it was a "voluntary" move was to make "minor physical adjustments." The Villager now reports that hotel employees were telling guests the ballroom would be open "the next day," but it never did. They also predict that "if court dates are any indication, hotel management will have to clean up its act by the first week in December."

The Jane will be entering the courtroom to deal with that task force and the laundry list of violations they found during their inspection. The paper notes that the smoking ban was ignored, the sprinkler-system questionable, and "the crowning jewel of violations was a Buildings Department certificate of occupancy that was ancient history, dating back to a decade or so." (If pricey libations were illegal, we'd argue that the $20 drinks were the crowning jewel of violations.) There are plenty more, but the Jane is still hopeful they'll re-open by mid-November.