iPod stylings in the East Village; Photo: Staci Schwartz, Village Voice

The Village Voice ponders the mysterious marker actions last week that occurred on a stretch of iPod advertisements on Lafayette Street between Bond and Great Jones Streets. Written on the popular music listening device's colorful silhouette posters were statements like "The I stands for Isolation" and "The I stands for Income," and then other passer-bys responded. Gothamist loves the idea of this kind of outdoor interactive advertising (better than those LCD screens!). But, sadly, the rain washed away the scribblings, which makes us wonder what kind of pen the "iPod inkster" used. We're personally fond of Sharpies. But who is the inkster? Disgruntled tech head? Hardcore PC user? Socialist leftie? Someone stuck on the I section of the dictionary?

The Village Voice article also has a list of the things "I stands for" plus many photographs (from Staci Schwartz) of the scribblings. [Via Matt H.]

Sesame Street's Letter of the Day is not I, but don't you worry - give it another 25 days.